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Watchmen Bible Study 01/28/2017

Key verse:
 1 Cor. 16:13-14- “Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love.”

Bible Study: Romans 1:

     Discussed Romans chapter 1.  Key verses being 1:16-17.

Group Discussion Question:
     What does it mean to test God?
Verses: Exodus 17:1-7; Ps. 78:17-25; Deut. 6:16; Matt. 4:7-10; Mark 8:10-13; Acts 5; 1 Cor. 10:9; Heb. 11:6

Heresy: Modalism/Monarchianism/Patripassianism/Sabellianism
A denial of the Holy Trinity-first put forth around 190 A.D. by Theodotus of Byzantium (Hippolytus condemned this teaching).
     Claims that God, being one, has manifested Himself during all of history in three different modes-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
     In the OT, He was shown as Father. After the Incarnation He has shown Himself as Son. After the ascension He now shows Himself as Holy Spirit.
     Today, United Pentecostal and Apostolic Churches hold to this belief. TD Jakes and Phillips, Craig, and Dean are popular modalists today. 

​     Patripassianism teaches that it was the Father alone who became incarnate, lived, suffered, and died on the cross.
     Sabellius taught that God projected himself in three modes to reveal different things. As Father, He is Creator and Lawgiver; as Son He is Redeemer; and as Holy Spirit He is the giver of grace (Elwell).
     Monarchianism-God is 1

Apologetics: Jehovah’s Witnesses
     Started by Charles Taze Russell in 1876, with the name JW being taken in 1931.
     In 1876 he started the magazine, Zion’s Watchtower, which later led to the Watchtower that has a circulation of over 65 million worldwide today.
     Joseph Franklin Rutherford took over the group after Russell’s death in 1916. Rutherford is credited with the group’s theology and evangelistic methods used today.
     This group rejects several strongly held doctrines, such as the Trinity and the person/work of Jesus.
     In 1950 they produced their own bible translation, New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures and New World Translation of the Hebrew Scriptures, which is best described as a rendering of the bible based upon the group’s theology.

     Distinct JW doctrines: Jesus is not God but the first and greatest of God’s creation and is the incarnation of the Archangel Michael; the Holy Spirit is not a person but the impersonal power of God; salvation incorporates the grace of Jesus at the start, but is dependent upon one’s works; they view the death of Jesus, not on a cross but being impaled on a torture stake, as a ransom payment to God which cleared the slate of men so that they can now earn their own righteousness by good works; Jesus was resurrected as a divine spirit after his death; at death you either sleep until the resurrection or suffer annihilation; Jesus returned to earth in 1914 spiritually and then began to cleanse the temple in 1918. The resurrection of the selected 144,000 who had died and the judgment of the nations alsobegan in 1918. Armageddon will bring about the end, in which believers are resurrected to a life of bliss on earth while the 144,000 rule in heaven with Jesus.

Theology: The humanity of Jesus-What are the implications?
     Jesus reveals the true, original nature of humanity
     His humanity makes His atonement for our sins possible
     Heb. 4:15-Jesus understands what we go through and can sympathize

     Headlines- “Christian College Forces Students to go to Mosque”: Texas Christian University is forcing students enrolled in a world religions course to attend a mosque service scheduled originally for Good Friday.
     “Church of England Considers Turning Blind Eye to Gay Clergy”: Gay members currently serve as ordained clergy, but are expected to remain celibate. However, new considerations are being reviewed as to avoid asking clergy members about their private lives or sexual orientation.
     “Old U.S. Enemy Threatens War if Trump Moves Embassy”: Zechariah 12:1-4

Next Meeting Preparation:
Study Romans 2
Group Question: What is the church and what is its role in society today?
Heresy: Pelagianism
Apologetics: start gaining a basic understanding of Mormonism
Theology: The relationship between the two natures, deity and humanity, in one person-Jesus.
Prophecy-Find 1 or 2 news stories that have prophetic implications